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DESCRIPTIONS: Celavive Selfie Ring Light

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Celavive Selfie Ring Light

Snap a gorgeous selfie, or a before/after photo, with our Celavive Selfie Ring Light


Your beauty deserves the spotlight. Use this Celavive Selfie Ring Light to snap a gorgeous selfie, or a before/after photo, and share your Celavive results with the world.


Three light settings

Durable material

Batteries included

Compact and lightweight

Share Your Celavive Results:
Before you begin to use Celavive, follow these five simple steps:

Open the Celavive Selfie Ring Light, and insert two AAA batteries.

Find a spot with good, natural light, and make sure you are makeup free.

Turn on the ring light, and attach it to the top of your phone.

Snap a few “before” photos.

Find your favorite “before” photo and post it to your social media account along with a  personalized message explaining why you’re so excited to try these new, innovative skincare products.

Then, use your Celavive products daily and track your progress with a weekly photo. After four weeks, post your before/after photo and use #CELAVIVESELFIE.
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