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      USANAs Diet and Energy products are an ideal meal replacement choice Their formulas are perfectly balanced combining the right amounts and radios of Carbohydrates Good Fats and Proteins USANAs Diet and Energy products are also Low-GI formulated which help you to either loose or maintain your weight USANA Snacks are packed with healthy ingredients and are low in sugar Hundreds of elite athletes around the world choose USANAs Diet and Energy products USANAs Reset program is an ideal weight management program which is easy to use with the benefit of a full body cleanse using the highest quality balanced nutrition

      USANA Reset Destination 2014

      Before and after weight-loss images are all over the place Companies use them to validate their weight-management products And USANA does too They want to show the world that the RESET(tm) weight-management program works but RESET isnt some quick-fix fad diet Its a complete lifestyle

      change When the RESET Challenge: Destination Transformation began its second run in January nearly 3000 USANA Australia New Zealand and worldwide customers felt the determination to make a change and did so by losing more than 15000 pounds combined At the end of the 12-week Challenge 23 contestants were selected in five categories as grand-prize winners They collectively lost an impressive 1054 pounds that averages out to nearly 46 pounds per person These dedicated individuals were rewarded with an all-expense paid vacation to the Sanoviv Medical Institute in Baja California Mexico Since the Challenge ended the participants have continued to make positive strides toward their weight-loss goals and making real sustainable lifestyle changes Theyre using their past experiences as a way to make sure they stick to their goals now and in the future

      Starting from Scratch Its been more than 30 years since Nani Lofstrom ran into a burning building to save the lives of those inside before the building fell on top of her WITH THE USANA PRODUCTS IVE GOTTEN PROGRESSIVELY HEALTHIER NOW I DONT THINK THERES ANYTHING I CANT DO

      Nani spent time in the intensive care unit and burn centre recovering and in order to treat her burns her doctors needed more skin to graft As a model and athlete she didnt have much extra skin so Nani began to gain weight Since recovering however shes had a difficult time losing that weight I comfort eat at night she says I eat to keep the panic away Weight wasnt her only struggle over the years

      The damage from the incident affected her ability to talk read write and walk all of which shes had to relearn It wasnt until she began speaking again that the doctors had any hope of improvement I read and write with assistive devices and can walk and talk Nani says I am still recovering and having operations but this year I plan on participating in the Champions for Change 5K at Convention I am only up to one mile of walking and havent run in 34 years but I want to participate partially to show what is possible and give hope to others Adding to her struggles after her accident Nani thought her education would help her get back into the mainstream and ensure her future But the stigma surrounding those with brain injuries affected Nani greatly to the point where she was homeless for a time It was just one more factor that contributed to her weight gain Ive always had a hard time eating healthy she says because I didnt have the money to buy the right foods

      Thanks to USANA Nani says she is now eating properly and exercising and during the RESET Challenge she lost 45 pounds "Being part of the USANA family and competing in the RESET Challenge has changed mylife she says My business is growing and I plan on going back to Sanoviv to get my nutritional certification Throughout her accident recovery weight gain and now weight loss Nani made it a point to never give up never stop learning I dont think theres anything I cant do Nani says To learn more about Nanis remarkable recovery check out the PBS documentary Brain Injury Dialogues

      Getting Back on the Field

      Working as a part-time manager at Dominos Pizza Pasindu Sunilchandra was first drawn to USANA because he was interested in owning his own business But his extra weight began affecting his life from continually having to buy larger clothes to not being able to contribute to his cricket team When the RESET Challenge was announced Pasindu decided it was time to learn about nutrition and work toward making a lifestyle change.

      During the 12-week Challenge, Pasindu lost 68.3 pounds - the most of any participant and made many strides in his fitness and overall health "I was always below par when it came to fitness and stamina" Pasindu says. "I was not able to run fast or be on the cricket field for long hours So I hardly played a game or contributed to the team. After the RESET Challenge I was able to practice harder run faster improve my fitness levels, and take my cricket team to victory" Pasindus healthy habits rubbed off on his co-workers at Dominos as well with many of them now substituting Nutrimeal(tm) meal-replacement shakes for pizza and taking the Essentials(tm) "Working at Dominos doesnt give a person much time to think about food so we end up eating pizza which is the worst thing to do," he says. "Having a Nutrimeal shake is a perfect and ideal substitution Knowing that I have simply given them the best makes me feel great.


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